Fire safety knowledge training activity

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In order to further enhance the consciousness of fire safety and responsibility of employees, comprehensively popularize fire safety knowledge and enhance the ability of self-protection and self-rescue, on October 30, zhejiang hongfei machinery manufacturing co., ltd. organized a fire safety knowledge training activity, the leader of the municipal fire brigade gave a lecture,and all the employees of the unit participated in the training activity.

The fire safety knowledge training is the basic knowledge of fire daily inspection, evacuation escape, fire fire prevention and emergency disposal, proper use of fire equipment, etc, the interpretation of a simple and practical, in real case happened in recent years, focus on how to prevent fire, how to correctly put out a fire and escape knowledge,especially for the factory fire prevention, home fire, electrical appliances, mobile phone explosion fire, kitchen fire, corridor in special circumstances such as fire, from the early stages of fire prevention, alarm, fire fighting and rescue, fire self-rescue and escape, fire equipment, operating methods, and so on has made the detailed introduction,The workers have a direct feeling of the serious harm brought by fire to the society and the family, and deeply feel the importance of “fire control safety, everyone is responsible”.

The training content present case is rich, vivid, aimed at improving awareness of fire safety and emergency handling skills. Through the training, make our staff to understand the basic knowledge of fire self-help, raise fire safety awareness, master the use of fire emergency measures, popularize knowledge of fire, fire safety awareness of good results.

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