Protect the blue sky

Green production

Hongfei machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Development of adhering to the “contributing to society, create a harmonious,balanced development, green environmental protection” development concept, the green, environmental protection, the construction of scientific development, building a green campus, the ecological environment, production from the production process to the factory facilities construction, adhere to sustainable development, the benign ecological management.The company adopts automatic falling sand system, reduce dust, realize green and clean production, with the actual action to “protect the blue sky”.

5S Management

The company introduces 5S Management comprehensively,  5S is SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU and SHITSUKE.Through 5s Management, make the enterprise has a high quality employee team, the enterprise as a clean, neat, orderly and safe site, has trained employees consciously compliance to obey the law, pay attention to detail, good work habits of solidarity and collaboration, innovation, to enhance the staff’s sense of honor and centripetal force, won the trust of customers, the cohesion of the enterprise, the enterprise core competitive ability is greatly improved, make the enterprise in the fierce market competition, in an impregnable position.In 5s activity, “garbage classification” activity and “you throw me pick up” activity have realized the reasonable allocation and efficient use of resources.