Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

HONGFEI can produce jaw plates with different tooth shapes and materials according to the your working conditions.

HF Jaw Crusher Parts

Jaw Crushers are mainly used as primary crushers and secondary crushers in mining, construction materials, infrastructure and other sectors.

As a popular crusher, the main working parts of the jaw crusher are two jaw plates.

  • One is called the fixed jaw (stationary jaw), which is fixed vertically on the front wall of the machine frame.
  • The other one is called the movable jaw (swing jaw), its position is inclined, and it forms a crushing chamber (working chamber) with the fixed jaw, which is big at feeding and small at discharging.

Then since the movable jaw plate periodically reciprocates against the fixed jaw plate, the material will be crushed by squeezing, bending and splitting.

Therefore, the jaw dies and the cheek plates are the most common wearing jaw crusher parts. HF can produce jaw plates with different tooth shapes and materials according to the your working conditions. Our cast cheek plates are made from 13% Manganese and 2% chrome iron. Our crusher jaws are cast from 18% manganese 3% chrome iron.

We are also able to custom design jaws that offer increased performance by using ultra heavy duty 21% manganese and 2% chrome iron, and 24% manganese and 3% chrome iron.

Special heat treatment methods are used to make each jaw crusher liner have a higher degree of wear resistance and service life. According to customer feedback, the service life of HF jaw crusher parts is 20-30% longer than ordinary parts.

HF – Your Trusted Jaw Crusher Parts Supplier

HF’s jaw crusher spare parts and wear parts have been used and recognized by jaw crusher operators all over the world. We have reached agreements with several of the world’s most prestigious mining industry companies, and have been designated as the supplier of their jaw crusher parts.