Global Sales
and Brand Strength


–With an annual output of 15,000 tons and annual sales of over 100 million yuan.

–In line with multiple international quality systems, world-class quality is trustworthy.

–A number of global 500 well-known enterprises of high quality parts suppliers.

20 Years Of Professional Experience


–20 years of professional customized brand, with a strong wood database and drawing database.

–Strict control of each process, high-end heat treatment technology casting cost-effective wear – resistant casting.

–Environmental protection, low-carbon, high-tech casting process, inheritance and innovation to create unparalleled competitiveness.

Technological Quality Inspection


–Quality control starts with raw materials and provides the most perfect chemical solution.

–Adopt the international advanced simulation casting system, simulate the casting process, shorten the research and development cycle, reduce the trial production cost.

–Mature professional quality inspection team, high-tech equipment layer upon layer check.

–Current product pass rate is 99.7%, many years of products no complaints.

5S Management Team,
Provide Quality Service


Young management team, strict 5S management system, to create a “one-stop, professional” service:

–According to the actual use environment of customers, recommend and select casting chemical formula.

–According to the real samples provided, special needs, 3D scanning to solve drawing problems, longitudinal enjoy customized services.

–The factory area is equipped with three-dimensional model library to support customer inspection and provide VIP reception services.

–Provide comprehensive pre-sales technical guidance, one – on – one person to provide after-sales solutions.