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It all started with a simple question: “How can this part perform better?”


Although Hongfei has many patents, because engineers and field representatives work closely with end users to solve specific application problems, most innovative designs are carried out every day. Incremental changes in design and optimal alloy selection often result in significant improvements in equipment operation. Studying the situation carefully and identifying the problem is the key to developing improved consumables that meet or exceed customer needs.

Hongfei’s Engineers study the overall situation and understand that any change in processing equipment must take the entire operation into consideration. Our on-site representatives are responsible for reviewing the design and equipment of the customer’s factory, material characteristics and performance records, and the wearing parts used. Our product engineers personally study the performance. It is recommended that you can simply choose from a large number of stock parts of Hongfei or choose castings from a large number of molds we have collected. Or modifications to existing products can be: in pattern design; alloy and/or hardness grade; or application of high-carbide overlay in our Xtend Process®. The result is replacement of worn parts to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.